Aerospace & Defense

TPS3150 Pressure Switch


The TP 3150 is a fully compensated, linearised high-precision unit available in absolute and relative versions. It is equipped with MEMSCAP high-performance high stability SP82 pressure sensor and exhibits excellent long term stability. The TPS 3150 product is a high accuracy factory programmable set/trig point pressure switch with a transistor switch output, compliant with RTCA DO-178B-Level D requirements (one of the most stringent certifications for aerospace products and components) of Civil Aviation Authority. Its Stainless Steel body and cromatized Aluminum cover make it a MIL Std 883 compliant hermetic sensor. The high proven quality, reliability and accuracy of our sensors that match aerospace and defense standards offer unmatched results in a wide variety of applications such as UAVs/ Drones, Auxiliary Power units, and cabin pressure control systems of Boeings and Embra-er, where it is an important element of the pressure valve that regulates pressure within the cabin.

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