Medical and biomedical

MEMSCAP® offerings for this industry include gold coated and titanium based pressure transducers, plastic domes, line-sets, and their accessories.

Patient safety and comfort are at the heart of our activities in medical and biomedical applications.
The MEMSCAP® sensors, devices and accessories are highly stable and extremely reliable to specifically address these concerns.

High performance of nowadays medical equipments is sometimes performed at the cost of user friendliness for the medical equipment operators. Our transducers have been designed to achieve high precision and minimize long term drift. Trying our products is adopting them. Our products reduce the need for calibration and the total cost of ownership of our customers’ equipments. We simplify medical operators’ life and the ease of use of customers’ equipments.

Reliability enhances patient safety in life-critical applications, reduces downtime, and improves test throughput in applications such as clinical diagnostics. The product needs to be easy to use and easy to design into a system, so MEMSCAP®’s extensive customization and built-in calibration/amplification capabilities are strong benefits. Confidence in MEMSCAP®’s product performance, reliability, and availability provide peace of mind for medical equipment manufacturers who choose MEMSCAP®.

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