TP Pressure Transducers

MEMSCAP® has developed three families of pressure transducers.

The TP3100 family which is a single port pressure transducer with CAA qualified software embedded in the device (DO178 Level B qualified),
The TP1000 and TP2000 family which is a single port pressure transducer family, software-free but with calibration coefficient stored in an EEPROM of the devices, and
The TPD family which is a dual port pressure transducer family for easy plug & play in our customers’ systems. The TPD family is also a software-free device with calibration coefficients stored in the electronics of the product.

The MEMSCAP® transducers do sustain the high environmental stresses of harsh environments (temperature, shock, vibration, …) and provide with excellent precision, long term stability and reliability.

Should you require specific electrical and mechanical interfaces, manifolds or specific calibration data, all our products could be adapted to your needs to best fit your equipment.

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