Aerospace & Defense

MEMSCAP pressure sensors and modules are over performing the rigorous requirements of the most demanding applications. Our products sustain the high environmental stresses of harsh environments and provide state-of-the-art precision, long term stability and reliability.

MEMSCAP® offers a wide range of pressure sensors for critical aerospace/defense applications.

Our MEMS-based sensors offers several advantages over more traditional components manufactured using traditional methods. Not only are size, mass and power consumption kept to a minimum, but at the same time unwanted effects, including signal drift and non-linearity, can be easily controlled due to the stable nature of micromachined silicon.

These products are capable of extended lifetime operation where low drift over a wide temperature range (including thermal chocks) and resistance to extreme conditions, are a design requirement.

MEMSCAP®'s manufacturing and packaging facilities offer a capital manufacturing and packaging for high-performance cost-effective solutions.

Our sensor solutions include pressure sensors, pressure transducers and pressure switches applied to applications such as Air Data Computers, Cabin Pressure, Engine Control, Altimeters, Barometers, Cockpit instruments, Air data test sets.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is ensured through our manufacturing chart and the high standards we maintain through our certifications, including BS EN ISO 9001: 2000, EN9100:2003 and AS9100 Rev B certification. This is why we are today the provider for prestigious customers in the fields of aerospace and defense.

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