Medical and biomedical

SP854 Pressure Transducer


The MEMSCAP SP854 Reusable Biomedical Pressure Transducer is used in biomedical applications where high precision and a wide pressure measurement range are required. (-600/+700 mmHg). Its high bandwidth enables a high frequency response and provides unique signal resolution. The transducer is composed of two parts, a SP854 sensing core and a mounting bracket. The SP854 sensing core is made upon a similar design as the standard SP844 MEMSCAP physiological transducer. The mounting bracket is designed for assembly on an equipment panel. The combination of a SP854 sensing core and a mounting bracket represents the SP854 transducer. The picture below shows an example of the SP854-01 transducer, with a mounting bracket assembled to the sensing core, and a plastic dome next to it.

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