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SP844 Pressure Transducer


The SP844 physiological sensor is specially conceived for measuring intra-vascular pressure for applications like the Invasive Blood Pressure measurements. The MEMSCAP SP844 transducer has more than 20 years proven track records of high quality and reliability, making it the best choice for pressure measurements during surgery and intensive care. This reusable transducer with its disposable dome offers flexibility, practicality and cleanliness for the most cost effective solution. The SP844 transducer is gold plated for easier cleaning and hygiene, and provides with high precision measurement and high frequency bandwidth for unique signal resolution. The sensor housing is isolated from the saline solution and is dry coupled with the easy-to-use snap-on plastic dome accessory. It also integrates a high overload pressure protection (10 000mmHg) for easier manipulation and mechanical protection of the sensing element. This sensor uses disposable accessories (plastic domes and line sets) for each procedure. This product is embarked on the main patient monitoring systems used in Intensive Care Units such as those of Siemens, Philips or GE Medical.
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