Accessories and consumables

Non-sterile domes 844-29


The non-sterile domes are dry coupled accessory and must be used in combination with the MEMSCAP's physiological pressure transducers. They are very user-friendly thanks to the "twist-on", or ”snap-on” coupling to the transducers. The domes perform isolation of the transducer housing from the saline solution via a silicon diaphragm. Pressure is directly transferred from the dome diaphragm to the membrane of the housing so that no liquid is necessary between the two elements. Domes are not under any circumstances interchangeable between other transducer types due to different attachment methods. When selecting the accessory, make sure that it is the appropriate device for the transducer you also selected. Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will help you make the appropriate choice.

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