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SP856 Pressure Transducer

The SP856 is a customer specific biomedical reusable pressure transducer. The transducer is composed in two parts, the SP856 sensing core and the mounting bracket. The sensing core is made upon the same principles as the SP844 and SP854. A mechanical adjustment has been performed to fit the SP856 sensor core to a specific off the shelf dome. Domes for tests and production purposes of the transducer at MEMSCAP are also supported by MEMSCAP. The mounting bracket is designed to fit customer requirements for assembly. Figure 2 shows an example of the customer specific product SP856. The mounting bracket is designed to fit customer requirements for assembly on customer machine. It is screwed on the sensing core by design and is glued to fixate the two parts together. The standard connector used is a molex housing UL94V-0 (no flammable) type 39-01-2045 with molex type 39000046 terminals. The connector mates with several connectors either for panel-, board- or cable mounting. The SP856 transducer is to be mounted on a machine where front of the transducer is the only visible part for the end user. Front of the transducer can be exposed to 9% saline and cleaning agents. The transducer is sealed in the front to withstand the fluids. One must not use any cleaning agents containing iodide. The gold plated surface finish makes the cleaning procedure more easily and to make it resistant to saline. The rear of the transducer is inside the machine. The ventilation hole in the transducer is placed on the rear i.e. inside the machine, which forms the atmospheric pressure reference point. The surface of the transducer is gold plated according to MIL-G-45204 type C. The surface treatment gives a good resistance to saline and a wide range of cleaning agents. Please refer to the MEMSCAP doc. No M30190 for Handling and cleaning instructions for the physiological pressure transducer SP856 or contact us.

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