PiezoMUMPs was introduced to the market in 2013 in response to increasing research and interest in Piezoelectric MEMS devices. Using the SOIMUMPs process as the baseline, PiezoMUMPs offers a reliable standard process with a Piezo film flavor to minimize the difficulties inherent with the introduction of new standard, MPW process.

About The Process

PiezoMUMPs is very similar to the SOIMUMPs process and adds a 0.5um layer of Aluminum Nitride to the 10um device layer of the SOI. Future runs may offer more flexibility in device layer and AlN thickness depending on feedback from our user community. The process starts with an SOI wafer, which consists of a stack of handle wafer(fixed 400um), buried oxide, and device wafer. Using one photolithography step on each side of the SOI wafer for the device and handle layers, SOIMUMPs allows the designer to pattern and etch both sides of the SOI wafer down to the buried oxide. Two metal layers, one for bond pads and one for Piezo, are included in the Standard Process. The minimum feature size in PiezoMUMPs is 2um.

Devices that can be made in PiezoMUMPs include energy harvesting, sensing, ultrasonic transducers, microphones, and actuators.

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