The MUMPs-PLUS! service offers a low-cost pathway to semi-custom MEMS processing. MUMPs-PLUS! allows customers to specify thickness, material, or sequence changes and additions to the standard MUMPs processes and runs offered as part of the 2005 run schedule. MEMSCAP modifies the lot size to allow for a "mini-lot" that will be used to support the MUMPs-PLUS! customized flow. The customer pays the standard die price plus any costs associated with non-batched or non-standard steps.

For example, customer A has a device that requires the PolyMUMPs process PLUS a thicker Oxide1 layer and a patterned/etched backside. MEMSCAP will add extra wafers to the standard lot and run this "mini-lot" along with the standard lot for all of the processing common to both the standard and MUMPs-PLUS! custom flow. For the thicker Oxide1 and backside pattern/etch, MEMSCAP separates the wafers from the "mini-lot" from those in the standard lot to perform the custom processing. At the end of fabrication, MEMSCAP singulates and ships the customer die from the wafers in the "mini-lot". The MUMPs-PLUS! customer enjoys tremendous savings because there are no mask or processing costs for the standard steps, beyond the standard die site rate. The customer only pays for the non-batch and custom steps, plus any additional masks and engineering.

MUMPs-PLUS! may be ordered on any regularly scheduled run. To find out if your process sequence fits into the MUMPs-PLUS! framework, please click the Request MUMPs-PLUS! Quote link above and tell us about your requirements.

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