Micro Relais

MEMSCAP® has many years of experience in the design and development of microrelays for applications in wireless, telecom, and test and measurement industries. In 1999, the Microrelay developed by the former-Cronos group was named "Product of the Year" by Electronic Products magazine.

MEMSCAP® copper cross connect product is a bi-stable switch, initially designed for RF and DC applications. It has been initially developed based on the MEMSCAP® MetalMUMPS process and is wafer level packaged with high density, low resistance through wafer vias (TSV). Wafer level packaged and hermetically sealed, the micro cavity is filled with specific gas which provides with more than 400V breaking voltage under switching operations. Metal creep is avoided up to high temperatures thanks to proprietary metal alloys which form the structural layers.

Custom relays that meet the distinct needs of your application can be designed, developed and fabricated in high volume.

For specifications of our available products, or to find out how these specifications can support your needs, please contact us using the web form.

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