SP82 H

SP82H is a customer specified version of SP82. It consists of SP82DL 1Bar sensor soldered to a PCB and calibrated towards a customer defined specification. It is assembled with an aluminum pressure port and have a connector/pins mounted on the PCB.

The unit is calibrated at 2 temperatures, ambient and the heated set point. The results are stored in a batch report.

The device is qualified for operating temperatures between –45°C and 80°C with a full scale range of 660mBar.

The connector used as an interface to the customer system is a board to board connector having application specific flammability rating and plated with gold. The device is being conformal coated for protection against humidity.

Reliability predictions as per MIL-HDBK-217F exhibit Mean Time Before Failure values larger than 200 years. These values include reliability models for sensor, PCB and connector only.

SP82H Pressure sensor

SP82H Pressure sensor

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