SP82 C

SP82C is a customer specified version of SP82. It consists of SP82 soldered to a PCB and calibrated towards a customer defined specification. It is assembled with an aluminum pressure port and has a connector.

The unit is calibrated with the same procedure and algorithm as TP2000 and the compensation coefficients is stored in a data CD.

The device is qualified for operating temperatures between -55°C and 100°C with a full scale range of 1100mBar. The coefficients retrieved from calibration enable the computation of the pressure but the provided formula does not compensate for effects in the constant current source that is powering the Wheatstone bridge or the Analog Digital Converter connected to the device.

The connector used as an interface to the customer system is a board to board connector having application specific flammability rating and plated with gold. The device is being conformal coated for protection against humidity.

Reliability predictions as per MIL-HDBK-217F exhibit Mean Time Before Failure values larger than 200 years. These values include reliability models for sensor, PCB and connector only.

SP82C Pressure sensor

SP82C Pressure sensor

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