MEMSCAP® also is a leader in optical MEMS technology. The Group is an optical pioneer on several grounds as it has affirmed this status in terms of technological progress as well as in bringing components to manufacturing and then to market.

Expert on mirrors, from the smallest number of ports to the highest matrices, MEMSCAP® supplies vertical and horizontal mirrors; pop-up and translating mirrors; moving mirrors, deformable mirrors, shutters, variable optical attenuators (VOAs), and uses surface and bulk micromachining technology (bulk and SOI).

The success of MEMSCAP® fully optical or optical based products is based on the extreme quality (surface smoothness and flatness) of the mirror, the reliability of the components, and the process mastering.

"MEMS device are the most wonderful tools and require excellency in the manufacturing processes. This need is increased for biological and life science applications," explains Paul Bierden, president and CEO of Boston Micromachines."This is why we chose MEMSCAP to produce the mirror which is the key element to our device. MEMSCAP is the only company offering the quality requested and the repeatability that is necessary".

"We've chosen MEMSCAP as a key supplier because of their ability to develop and produce complex MEMS products," says Mark Housley, Chief Executive Officer of Glimmerglass. "MEMSCAP has met our demands for uncompromising quality and production reliability, necessary for us to supply our customers with reliable, cost-effective solutions."

“Through this relationship with MEMSCAP, JDS Uniphase is assured of access to state-of the-art MEMS technology and a reliable and stable supply of MEMS-based optical products,” said Karen Markus, Vice President, Technology Strategy, JDS Uniphase."

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