MEMSCAP® high-end SP844 / SP854 physiological pressure transducer is the most reliable solution for pressure measurement during surgery, intensive care and specific treatments. Matching medical standards, this transducer results from a unique process, giving it unmatched precision measurements, extreme stability and reliability, high frequency response, direct coupling of the sterilised dome to the transducer, and the highest hygiene and cleanliness. It is today the best performance transducer on the market.

Our devices are integrated into numerous long-established applications recognized by the medical industry, as well as into innovative medical procedures. MEMSCAP® sensors division is dedicated to offering high-end products at cost effective price in fields related to the protection of human lives.

Thus,Therakos, a Johnson&Johnson company and the Photoresis therapy specialist, uses MEMSCAP® pressure sensors for the most crucial step of its cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL), treatment procedure, i.e skin cancer. For the same reasons, Sedat, has chosen our sensors as key element of its revolutionary cardiology product, Nautiflux.

Cynthia Star, Engineering Program Manager at Therakos, declares:
"We have selected MEMSCAP because we need extremely highly accurate and precise instruments when it comes to safety of our patients, yet we strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable price. MEMSCAP offers us both quality and cost-effectiveness".

"We chose the SP844 transducer as key element of our Nautiflux because we needed a partner with proven expertise in medical applications. Sedat is engaged to providing its clients with ever improving solutions and MEMSCAP certified manufacturing and track-record for disposable solutions in severe environment brought us the accuracy and reliability we were looking for," explains Jean-Pierre Desseignes, Sedat General Manager.

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