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A customer’s intellectual property is treated with extreme care at MEMSCAP – it has to be. As a contract manufacturer, MEMSCAP is trusted by its customers to safeguard their device IP beginning in Development and through to Production.

Early in the Development phase of the project, MEMSCAP® works closely with the customer to contractually define the boundaries of IP ownership as it relates to changes or improvements to the design which MEMSCAP® might suggest to improve the integration with MEMSCAP®’s processes and the device’s manufacturability. Typically, these changes are slight feature improvements based on MEMSCAP®’s fabrication history and experience. Ownership of these changes is generally the customer’s. MEMSCAP® brings its processing IP and expertise, and sometimes supports customers with contributions of pre-existing design IP.

In addition to contractual boundaries, MEMSCAP® controls the customer’s IP by limiting the exposure internally so that only the lead engineer and layout designer are involved. Once the design is burned to mask and the lot is on the floor, the cleanroom staff ensures each customer’s photomask set is kept securely in a segregated storage space with limited access to the photolithography staff.

As MEMSCAP® has its own device IP, we understand how important it is to protect it. In over 20 years of contract manufacturing, our customers have granted us their trust without incident. These relationships perfectly illustrate the commitment to long term protection of customer IP giving our customers peace of mind that their inventions are protected.

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