Large fabric optical switches and mirrors

The group’s initial successes from its Cronos days have defined a strong path to Production and foundation to support multiple applications and customers in the optical space. Working with system suppliers, start-ups, and government-funded entities, MEMSCAP® has been very successful in helping these groups realize tight optical specifications and superior performance from their designs.
We understand the challenges of working with polysilicon- and SOI-based designs very well. Our Variable Optical Attenuator product line and SOIMUMPs program both utilize SOI-based approaches. We’ve fabricated hundreds of unique optical designs through these programs with many successes in both Development and Production.

Early-on in its history, the group worked with Lucent Technologies to develop a Telcordia-qualified large fabric optical switch. The process of building up this program, starting in PolyMUMPs and on to custom fabrication, created the foundation of our optical manufacturing approach using an ISO9001 Quality System and Document Control combined with a post-fabrication test protocol to ensure the devices meet the customer’s specifications for reliability and performance.  

Currently, The company is supporting dozens of customers in the large fabric optical switches and mirrors space. Depending on the application and their needs, pop up mirrors or scanning mirrors are being realized. Mirror size varies between 100 to 1000 microns width with more than 97% reflectivity at the telecom wavelengths (L and C bands). Our manufacturing experience covers from single degree of freedom devices, two degrees of freedom devices, and even bi-stable units. Typical array size varies between 1 by 80, up to 32 by 32 ultra flat mirrors with at least 0.5 meter radius of curvature.
For specifications of our available products, or to find out how these specifications can support your needs, please contact us using the web form.

Lucent Lambda Router

Lucent Lambda Router

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