Contract manufacturing

MEMSCAP® excels at contract manufacturing because of its versatility as a fab, allowing for the support of multitudes of applications and devices, and willingness to partner with the customer on Development projects. Small lot sizes are no problem at MEMSCAP® so we are able to work inside of small budgets typical of start-ups, university spinouts, academia, and research groups to deliver working prototypes on time and on budget.

From the early starting point of concept and drawing, through the more advanced stage of working prototype, MEMSCAP® can enter the Product Life Cycle and help get your device to Production. We’ve been very successful at all points in the Product Development Cycle (see success stories)
Additionally, MEMSCAP® provides foundry-type work: simple film depositions or one-layer etches to support your project at any stage.

For more information on how we approach projects, please visit our “How To Engage” information.