This section addresses the most frequently asked questions about MEMSCAP. Should you not find the answer to your question, please contact us at info@memscap.com

What does MEMSCAP do?  more

MEMSCAP is a MEMS Integrated Design Manufacturer (performing in-house manufacturing) offering proprietary MEMS based high added value products at the level of chips, packaged components and modules. In addition, MEMSCAP provides MEMS contract manufacturing services for a wide range of customers in various market segments.

MEMS, or micro-electro-mechanical systems, or micro-systems, are microscopic mechanical systems that combine mechanical, optical, electromagnetic, thermic and fluidic elements with electronics on semi-conductor substrate lectronics. They act as sensors able to identify physical parameters in their environment (pressure, acceleration, etc.) and/or actuators able to act on this environment. This technology enables to improve the performance of the products, increase the systems speed, reduce the energy consumption, do mass manufacturing, miniaturise and increase the reliability and the integration.

MEMSCAP solutions comprise chips, packaged components, and modules, IP elements, as well as design and manufacturing solutions.

MEMSCAP technology enables system providers who do not necessarily master MEMS, to incorporate the company’s solutions to create new products, to improve integration, performance and reliability of existing products, and gives the key to mass production,miniaturisation, increased system speed, while reducing internal development cycles and accelerating significantly the products development cycles. MEMSCAP offers products using MEMS technology to a wide variety of industries and markets, including aerospace and defence, communications, medical and biomedical, and consumer. We also offer design and manufacturing solutions.


How long has MEMSCAP been listed for?  more

MEMSCAP was founded in 1997 by Dr. Jean-Michel Karam. The company was listed on March 1st, 2001 and is listed on Paris Euronext Eurolist C, under the ticker symbol MEMS.


How many employees does MEMSCAP have?  more

As of December 31, 2010, MEMSCAP had 90 employees worldwide.


What is the ticker symbol for MEMSCAP and on which exchange does the stock trade?  more

MEMSCAP trades under the ticker symbol MEMS on Paris Euronext Eurolist C.


Does MEMSCAP provide a direct stock purchase program? How can I invest in MEMSCAP?  more

MEMSCAP does not offer a direct stock purchase plan. If you would like to purchase MEMSCAP shares, please contact your broker or your bank.


Does MEMSCAP pay dividends on its common stock?  more

MEMSCAP does not plan to pay dividends in 2011.


How many common shares are outstanding?  more

As of December 31, 2010, MEMSCAP share capital was 9 427 940 € divided into 4 713 970 outstanding shares with a 2 Euros nominal value.


When is memscap's fiscal year and when will the company release quarterly results?  more

MEMSCAP's fiscal year parallels the calendar year. The release dates are detailed in the financial calendar table.

The release dates are approximate dates. For an update on when MEMSCAP will be releasing results, please check our website after each quarter end.


When is your next shareholder meeting?  more

The next annual shareholder meeting for 2011 financial statements will be held on June 2012. Other shareholders meeting may happen before that date and our shareholders will be informed in due time.


When is the next shareholder gathering?  more

The date and place of MEMSCAP's next shareholder gathering are not known yet. Please consult our website regularly to get the information, or write your name in the Alert List.


How can I get a copy of MEMSCAP's annual report?  more

Please click here to receive investor materials or you may contact our investor relations department at investors@memscap.com.


Is MEMSCAP ANVAR certified?  more

Yes, MEMSCAP has been qualified “innovative company” certified by ANVAR and qualifies for innovation investment.


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