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MEMSCAP® is a MEMS Integrated Design Manufacturer (performing in-house manufacturing) offering proprietary MEMS based high added value products at the level of chips, packaged components and modules. In addition, MEMSCAP® provides MEMS contract manufacturing services for a wide range of customers in various market segments.

Customer focus
In its North Carolina (USA) and Norway facilities, MEMSCAP® deploys its know-how, its intellectual property and its unique manufacturing processes and experience to take a product from design to production in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The company integrated approach does reduce internal development cycles and accelerate significantly the products development time, thus making MEMSCAP® your best partner and the safest route to your success.

MEMSCAP® is considered one of the most experienced MEMS company in the world with the highest number of released commercial products on the market: from high count optical switches, variable optical attenuators, deformable mirrors for telescopes, implantable biomedical devices, magnetic switches, flow sensors, microphones, to a huge variety of pressure sensors – a short list of success stories shared with its customers in a variety of applications and fields.

We sell the MEMSCAP® products and services throughout the world to Fortune 500 companies, new high-technology industries, major research institutes and most prestigious universities.

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