MEMSCAP®, the high added value MEMS leader, provides innovative products and solutions based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems* as well as MEMS contract manufacturing services.

The company is committed to enable its customers active in high-growth markets to incorporate strategic MEMS technology into their systems as a means of addressing critical technical, reliability and cost challenges.

MEMSCAP® mainly addresses 4 market segments: aerospace/defense, optical communications, medical and biomedical, and the IT/consumer market.

The company is constantly growing its Intellectual Property portfolio –considered one of the largest in the world – to support its customers’ needs in components, modules and manufacturing techniques.

In March 2001, MEMSCAP® became the first publicly listed pure play MEMS company in the world. Its shares are trading in NYSE-Euronext (Ticker symbol FR0010298620 MEMS).

*MEMS, or micro-systems, are microscopic mechanical systems that combine some mechanical, optical, electromagnetic, thermic and fluidic elements with electronics on semi-conductor substrate electronics. They act as sensors able to identify physical parameters in their environment (pressure, acceleration, etc.) and/or actuators able to act on this environment.

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